Ruby Jack

The Powdered Gem Cuff in Blue or Green


Inspired by ancient glamour from a universe we are yet to encounter. This ear cuff has been paired with a powdery patina (faux gemstone) that looks like Indian wall paint in place of Sapphires or Emeralds.

Fit: This is a single ear cuff, made for wearing on the right ear.

Materials: Brass or 18k gold plated brass. Tiffany green or powder blue patina. Please note that patinas are ephemeral in nature and may gradually wear over time to reveal the beauty of the gold colour brass beneath. 

All images show the brass version (our gold plating colour is closely matched).

Preparation Time: This piece is in stock and ready to ship in:

  • Brass version: 3-5 working days (+ shipping time estimated at checkout)
  • Gold Plated version: 1-2 weeks (+ shipping time estimated at checkout)

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