Ruby Jack

The Electra Chain


Named after Electra, the Oceanid daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. I love the word 'Oceanid' but it doesn't role off the tongue in quite the same way as Electra! The Oceanids were nymphs and harpies - the perfect personailty for a pendant designed to be worn by a modern day siren. To create the detail and texture I used a mix of metal and red wax. Pressing my thumb print in to the wax and then melting it over pre-formed metal emblems.

Materials: Brass pendant with gold filled chain or 18k gold plated brass pendant with gold filled chain. All images show the brass version of the pendant (our gold plating colour is closely matched).

Sizing: Available in 16 inches (41cm), 18 inches (46cm) or 20 inches (51cm) long chain. Pendant is 4cm high and 2cm wide.

Preparation Time:
  • Brass version: 3-4 weeks (+ shipping time estimated at checkout)
  • Gold Plated version: 4-5 weeks (+ shipping time estimated at checkout)
  • Please contact if you need your piece for a special occasion.

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