Ruby Jack

The Perfume Earrings


God love a tacky 90's perfume bottle. When I was 18, Dior Poison was my favourite. Possibly a questionable scent (it was 15 years ago), but that blue bottle and the shear strength of it's scent! I was undone. The OTTness of it all is what totally turned me on. So fabulous, so glamourous... so very much a thing that grown up ladies wore (swoon).

Materials: Brass with sterling silver posts and scrolls or 18k gold plated brass with 18k gold plated sterling silver posts and scrolls. All images show the brass version (our gold plating colour is closely matched).

Preparation Time: This piece is hand made to order. 

  • Brass version: 4-5 weeks (+ shipping time estimated at checkout)
  • Gold Plated version: 6-8 weeks (+ shipping time estimated at checkout)

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