Ruby Jack

The Nefertiti Earrings


The Nefertiti Earrings. An ode to two great women. My mother, and the clothing designer Mara Hoffman. Both artists have inspired the technique I've used to create this design. Mara's TIA top and my mother's Vases, both draw the lines of the female form in such classic and timeless strokes that I wanted to recreate their vision in the form of jewellery. The Nefertiti Earrings also have a little sting. A tiny bit of sass at the base of the design that electrifies and invigorates much like the sting of a nettle. Not all stings are bad for us. Some are stimulating, and a wake up call or reminder that we are indeed very much alive. 

Materials: Brass with sterling silver posts and scrolls or 18k gold plated brass with 18k gold plated sterling silver posts and scrolls. All images show the brass version (our gold plating colour is closely matched).

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